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    Pets are a great addition to any family. If you have had pets for any amount of time, you know that pet accidents happen. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Any time a pet uses the bathroom on the carpet in your Cypress home, it can cause permanent staining if not properly treated. Besides carpet stains, if the spot of the accident is not properly cleaned, it leaves behind remnants that creates an unpleasant odor – and may even lead to serious health problems.

    Our pet odor removal service will eliminate any stains and odors left behind by your pets. Our process uses all-natural components to break down the bacteria and proteins that are in pet urine, which are the causes of pet odor. Trusted by homeowners all throughout Cypress, Texas, our pet odor removal treatment is a powerful and effective way to rid your home of pet urine odors. Safe-Dry® offers a “no questions asked” 7-day guarantee ensuring that the odor is gone and stays gone. If it does return, so will we!

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    All-Natural Pet Odor Removal in Cypress TX

    How do you find the best all-natural pet odor removal service in Cypress TX? When you Google “the best pet odor removal service” or “professional pet stain removal,” there are a few things you will want to consider:

    • If the carpet cleaning service does not offer a guarantee on their pet odor removal, you should continue searching until you find a professional pet odor removal company that will give you a 100% guarantee on the elimination of your pet odor.
    • Another thing to consider: Is the process safe or does it use harsh chemicals to remove the problem? The process should be safe for your family, including your pets. Toxic chemicals can be harmful to you, your family and pets, and even your carpet. Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Cypress TX only uses an all-natural approach to carpet cleaning,  which means that our pet odor removal is completely safe for your pets!

    With our eco-friendly cleaning process, the odor-causing agents are neutralized and removed. Our specially created formula breaks apart the proteins and molecules, behind the stains and odor.

    Our process is a permanent solution to removing the biological agents leading to pet urine odor. If you are struggling to rid your Cypress home of pet stains or pet odors, there is only one 

    Why Choose Safe-Dry as Your Professional Carpet Cleaner in Cypress, Texas?

    There are plenty of great reasons why Safe-Dry® has been the first-choice for professional carpet cleaning in Cypress, Texas. Here’s why you should choose Safe-Dry® for pet stains and odor removal services:

    All-Natural Cleaning Process

    Using a certified eco-friendly carbonated penetration system, our Safe-Dry® cleaning technique digs deep into the fibers of your rugs, carpets, and upholstery to remove lingering odors and stains to restore them to their original beauty. Best of all, our signature cleaning process looks and smells amazing every time. 

    Safe for Your Whole Family

    There are plenty of carpet cleaning companies in Cypress, Texas, but we pride ourselves on being the only company that uses cleaning solutions and processes that are hypo-allergenic and safe for your pets and family. 

    Unlike our competitors, we never use any caustic chemicals that, while achieving similar results, often leave harsh, caustic chemicals that may negatively affect the health of your furry loved ones. Once we complete our work, your home is safe to enjoy an hour after we clean. Or, for more work-intensive jobs, we recommend only a few hours before your home completely dries and is absolutely safe to enjoy. 

    Experienced Cleaning Technicians

    Every member of the Safe-Dry® team is professionally-trained and certified to remove pet odors and stains once and for. Our expert technicians work efficiently to remove pet “accidents” from your home in the most optimal time frame possible. 

    No Job Too Big or Small

    Got a big house? Or maybe you just need a room that’s smelling “off”? No matter how big your needs are, we have the manpower and resources to completely restore your home and remove pet odors and stains.

    Prompt Service

    Customer service is top-priority at Safe-Dry® – and it’s why we’ve been in business for over thirty years. We believe your time is valuable, so we provide same-day service and exact-time appointments performed by our team of friendly, certified carpet cleaning technicians.

    100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 

    We believe that the customer is always right. And to show our commitment to pleasing our customers, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

    If you’re not completely satisfied with our pet odor removal and stain treatments after servicing your home, we offer a 7-day guarantee. Simply contact us and we’ll send over our team to perform an even more extensive cleaning to determine the source of pet odors. 

    Our Pet Odor & Stain Removal Process

    Our pet odor and pet stain removal process is simple but effective:

    1. First, pretreat the carpet with our pet urine eliminator to remove all traces of the urine, pet dander, and other odor-causing contaminants.
    2. After pretreating the carpeting, we sanitize the carpet to kill off bacteria, which is the most typical source of pet odors.
    3. Last, there’s a brief waiting period while the carpet dries and is restored to its “pre-accident” condition. Depending on the extent of the pet stains and odors, the dry time may be extended for one to two hours when we introduce our pet odor solutions into your home.

    Common Causes of Pet Stains & Odors

    Every home is different. Whether you have dogs, cats, or other fur babies, the odors and stains in your home can come from a variety of sources. These sources include:

    • Tracked-in material (ie. dirt, dust, and other small particles)
    • Saliva
    • Urine
    • Feces
    • Vomit
    • Food
    • Sweat
    • Hair
    • Dander
    • Cat litter
    • And more

    With so many sources of pet odors in your home, you should also know that your carpets also create the perfect breeding ground for a variety of pathogens. From roundworms to mold, fleas to bacteria, the more saturated your carpets, rugs, and upholstery are, the greater the likelihood that your home may actually be adversely affecting your health. 

    Biological contaminants that originate from your pets can lead to severe health problems, ranging from allergic reactions, respiratory issues, skin irritation, parasites, and even birth defects. For the safety of your family and pets, choosing Safe-Dry® ensures that everyone in your household enjoys an optimal quality of life.

    permanent solution: Call Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Cypress TX today to completely remove pet odors and pet stains from your home.

    Contact Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning 

    For over thirty years, Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning has helped our loyal Texas customers create the clean and appealing home environments they’ve always wanted. Our cleaning professionals know the details and nuances that come with cleaning homes effectively, utilizing our time-tested processes that effectively eliminate pet odors and stains. 

    Contact us today to schedule a free estimate to get rid of pesky pet odors and stains once and for all!

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